Don't Risk Driving a Misaligned Car

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Your wheels can become misaligned easier than you might think. Bumping a curb, hitting a pothole and wearing out car parts can all cause a wheel misalignment. If you find your car drifting to the side while you drive, call Broadway Auto Clinic. We use cutting-edge Hunter Hawkeye equipment to give your car a precision 4-wheel alignment.

Schedule a wheel alignment with us in Albany, NY today to optimize your car's performance. We can even align large trucks and lowered cars.

4 benefits of a wheel alignment

4 benefits of a wheel alignment

Broadway Auto Clinic has years of experience performing wheel alignments in Albany, NY. With a proper wheel alignment, your car will:

  • Respond better to your steering
  • Use your gas more efficiently
  • Maintain the tread life of your tires
  • Stop faster when you hit your brakes
Not sure if you need a wheel alignment? Speak with an experienced mechanic from Broadway Auto Clinic today. We'll help you find the right services for your car.