Don't Risk Driving a Misaligned Car

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Your wheels can become misaligned easier than you might think. Bumping a curb, hitting a pothole and wearing out car parts can all cause a wheel misalignment. If you find your car drifting to the side while you drive, call Broadway Auto Clinic. We use cutting-edge Hunter Hawkeye equipment to give your car a precision 4-wheel alignment.

Schedule a wheel alignment with us in Albany, NY today to optimize your car's performance. We can even align large trucks and lowered cars.

4 benefits of a wheel alignment

4 benefits of a wheel alignment

Broadway Auto Clinic has years of experience performing wheel alignments in Albany, NY. With a proper wheel alignment, your car will:

  1. Respond better to your steering
  2. Use your gas more efficiently
  3. Maintain the tread life of your tires
  4. Stop faster when you hit your brakes
Not sure if you need a wheel alignment? Speak with an experienced mechanic from Broadway Auto Clinic today. We'll help you find the right services for your car.