Helping You Help Others

Helping our community is one of our life missions. Giving back to the community that stood by our business when it was in need is one of the greatest gifts we can give. We have two programs designed to help your organization raise funds with minimal paperwork.

Gift Certificate / Wash Cards

Gift Certificate / Wash Cards

Quick Lube, Auto Repair & Detailing Certificates: For every $30 in gift certificates you sell, we give you $6. These gift certificates cannot be combined with any "free" offers & is limited to maximum of $5 off any Broadway Auto advertised specials.

Car Wash Cards: For every $25 car wash card sold, we give you $10. These car wash cards can be used for any type of car wash. These cards cannot be combined with any other offer.

With this program, you can either have the cards or certificates ready to be sold as soon as your campaign begins, or you can have an order form for delivery of the certificates/cards at a predetermined date.

Pin Code Program

This type of fund raiser is designed for large/diverse groups that wish to have ongoing fundraising.

Your organization's chair meets with Broadway Auto and we assign your group a specific pin number. This pin number can be used by anyone that wishes to help raise money for your group. Every time an individual comes to Broadway for a service, they give the pin number to the service attendant. The pin number is recorded on the customers receipt and the amount of the donation is recorded into a data bank. A check is then cut by the 20th day of the following month (check amount must be at least $25 or will be carried into following month) and is mailed to your organization. Please note that discount offers can be combined with the same service (restrictions apply).

Service TypePledge Amount
For any full service oil change w/car wash$5.00
For any fluid change (antifreeze, transmission, etc.)$5.00
For any billable hour of labor$5.00
For every $25 car wash card sold (customer gets $30 worth of car washes)$5.00