Get Your New Tires From Broadway Auto Clinic

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When was the last time you bought new tires? If you can't remember, you might need to replace your old ones. New tires can give your car a serious safety and performance boost. They can provide better traction, speed and stopping power.

Visit Broadway Auto Clinic in Albany, NY now to get new auto tires right away. We're certified by as reliable installation experts, so your tires can be shipped right to our auto shop.

Find the right tires for your car

Wading through all of the available tire information can be exhausting. Instead of stressing over traction ratings and brand reviews, let Broadway Auto Clinic find the right tires for your vehicle. We've done extensive research into a variety of auto tire brands and options, so we can take the stress out of tire shopping.

For our tire installations, we use:

  • Touchless mounting equipment
  • State-of-the-art wheel balancers
  • Hunter Hawkeye wheel alignment equipment
Trust your tire services to Broadway Auto Clinic. With our cutting-edge technology, you'll always get a superior tire installation at our auto shop in Albany, NY.

Do You Know What Type of Grip Your Tires Need?

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Your tires are the only contact that your vehicle has with the road. Their grip plays an essential role in your safety. Broadway Auto Clinic will help you determine if you have the right auto tires for your vehicle.

The grip on your tires affects your ability to:

  • Brake
  • Turn
  • Accelerate
  • Drive over different types of roads
  • Remain stable at higher speeds
Visit our auto shop in Albany, NY today for more information on what your tires do for you.

We'll help you find the perfect tire for your car

Every tire is designed specifically to provide grip in certain types of weather and road conditions. Broadway Auto Clinic will help you think about what type of auto tires you need for the type of driving you're going to do.

We'll make sure you consider how long a tire will last under the driving conditions. This way, we'll help you get the best value for your money. Tires with different designs and quality simply won't last long enough to make it worth the money.

We'll navigate the tire purchasing process with you. Visit our tire shop in Albany, NY to find the tires that you need.